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Turn your ideas into content and experiences faster than ever before.

Why Choose Acorn?

Stand Out.

Acorn is a modern, powerful content management system that will make your editors happy and delight your developers.

Designed for data intensive systems.

Built-in pipelines aimed directly at machine learning tools such as SciKit Learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch allows you to harness your data and integrate into a broader ecosystem.

Impress your audience.

Built on an open source core including Python, Django, and Wagtail CMS, Acorn allows you to create flexible and connected systems to engage and impress your users and audience.

Build Beautiful Things

Inside and Out

Acorn builds upon Wagtail. Wagtail is the premiere CMS available for the Django, the most popular web framework available for Python.

Wagtail Is Used By People You Know

Google Logo (Wagtail Branding)
Royal College of Art Logo (Wagtail Branding)
NASA Logo (Wagtail Branding)
Amnesty International (Wagtail Branding)
BMW (Wagtail Branding)
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Need More Reasons?

Acorn enables you to pursue ambitious goals.

Build a fully customized and balanced digital platform without compromise.

Because it is open source at its core, there is never any confusion about how things work. Want to know how a component is implemented, check the source code. Need to extend a core piece of functionality, you can.

Figure: Acorn Dashboard

Create and preview content across many channels.

Modern websites and applications have to provide content to many different types of channels including desktop, mobile web and applications, and specialty devices such as kiosks. Through its libraries and APIs, Acorn provides a consolidated pool of content that can be consumed in a uniform way from every channel in your distribution pipeline.

Add personalization and individual optimization.

Because Acorn connects content and user data while also integrating with powerful machine learning tools such as SciKit Learn, TensorFlow, and PyTorch; it is possible to personalize each user's experience in unique and highly optimized ways.

Sky's the Limit

Acorn's data model allows you to create unique, powerful content on any platform and incorporate nearly any type of asset.

Create rich layouts using content blocks.

Acorn provides Streamfield, a sequence of content "blocks" that can be rearranged as needed.

Acorn Feature: Streamfield UI

Open, extensible, searchable.

Acorn is designed to connect all your content and data via its open architecture, powerful APIs, and micro-service oriented connector apps. Everything is available and discoverable via a unified search.

Figure: Acorn Image Search

Engage Your Audience

Engaging with your audience will create customers, nurturing existing relationships will create fanatics.

Discuss and Comment

Comments allow your audience to communicate with you and other readers, providing input on a topic, opportunities to ask questions, or to give feedback.

All Things in Moderation

Built-in machine learning models prevent spam and allow you to automatically monitor for hate speech, threatening comments, and general sentiment.

Hear and Understand Customers

Forms enable you to start conversations and solicit feedback, giving you a picture of how customers engage with your content and brand.

Connect and Integrate

Events and hooks built into the platform allow you to bring outside resources in, and to export data out.

Something for Everyone

Acorn is packed with features that make everyone more productive.

Search Engine Optimization

Acorn has SEO best practices all taken care of. Tags, open graph, structured data, sitemap, and even AMP pages are built-in. You just add your content.


Design editorial workflows and ensure quality by creating limited accounts for editors or moderators, and approving content changes before they are published.

Scheduled Publishing

Get ahead by scheduling when content will become available. Post updates or create new pages, and schedule when they will appear for your audience.

Revision History

Track the evolution of your site, understand what edits were made and who made them. Compare versions and undo changes.

Always Look Your Best

Acorn optimizes your images on demand. Upload a high resolution image and set a focal point, new versions will be created as needed to ensure that they look sharp and load quickly.

Rich Content Types

Create beautiful, mobile-friend content using column based layouts, text, buttons, images, videos, cards, carousels, and more with the powerful grid system of Foundation for Sites.

Build Better Websites

A brief (opinionated) how-to.

Start with Python.

Python is everywhere and powers some of the most popular services in the world including YouTube, Instagram, Redit, and Spotify. It has a concise syntax and empowers you to build anything you can imagine.

Energize with Wagtail.

Wagtail is a content management system with an intuitive navigation and architecture, beautiful administrative backend, and powerful image editing capabilities.

Engage with machine learning.

Acorn ships with Sci-Kit Learn and OpenCV integrated. This means that machine learning and computer vision applications can be coded quickly and efficiently.

Supercharge with Vue.js, React, or Angular.

Build single page applications (SPA) that render instantaneously, use fewer server resources, and enable native-like experiences within the browser.

Go Farther With Acorn

Powering Data Applications

Mountain Luxury Compass

Acorn is used as the foundation for complex data driven platforms like Mountain Luxury Compass.

Charting the future of real-estate.Compass: Home Search
Compass: Park City Community Page

What Does Compass Do?

Help People Find Their Perfect Place

Buying a home is a deeply personal decision, all-too-often made purely by instinct and with bad information. Buyes, sellers, and agents deserve better.

Better For Buyers.

  • Provides tools to allow buyers to explore what makes homes, neighborhoods, and communities special through relevant data and immersive technologies.
  • Once a buyer finds properties, the platform helps buyers take the next steps.
  • Relevant and up-to-date data about how much homes are worth.
  • Streamlines communication and puts messages in one place.

Better for Sellers.

  • Lack of data can make it hard for sellers to understand their market or set expectations on how long the home might be on the market. Compass helps sellers know how to price their homes.
  • Research tools for understanding the market, area, and trends are unified in a single platform.

Better for Agents.

  • Compass provides brokerages modern tools for their agents to help with promotions, research, and lead generation.
  • The platform facilitates the most personal (and important) parts of finding a home for buyers, and marketing a home for sellers. It then utilizes technology and machine learning to streamline the rest.

The Platform

Mountain Luxury Compass is a next generation real-estate platform. It empowers agents to become trusted advisors, facilitating access to the most up-to-date data so that clients can make smart real-estate decisions.


  • Advanced community aware home and listing search.
  • Integration with advanced mapping technologies which allow buyers and sellers to explore homes, neighborhoods and communities.
  • Comprehensive data about schools, community features, recreation opportunities, and regional history.

Focus on Community

Compass includes a comprehensive database of mountain communities and their amenities.

Compass Screenshot: Mountain Living in the City (Bountiful)

Location Aware

Access to community amenities -- such as ski-resorts, schools, trails, and parks -- are part of search results.

Compass: Search Results

Both Person and Machine Savvy

Real-Estate and Content

Compass combines a world-class content platform with a geolocation-aware, AI augmented search to create a state of the art experience.

Compass: Blog Page

Engage and Understand

Compass allows users of the platform to engage with immersive technologies such as three-dimensional maps and augmented reality to understand what it might be like to live in a home and the surrounding community.

Compass: Map (Satellite Imagery)Compass: Map (3D Buildings)


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