Solutions and Services

We build systems that make people better at their important work.


With the right data and technology, it is possible to ask important questions. Hard questions. The type of questions whose answers are capable of changing the world. Oak-Tree exists to help individuals and organizations finding meaning in data. We build software and services that empower fast decision making and consequential intelligence.

Product Prototyping

Amplify your teams' productivity by engaging Oak-Tree product engineering expertise.

New Product Development

From concept validation and ideation to delivery and deployment, we can offer support for each step in your journey from concept to launch.

Product Augmentation

We can help you add new features to an existing product line or maintenance and support so that your core team can focus on new opportunities.

Data Engineering

Get more out of the data your business generates. Oak-Tree can help you consolidate, combine, analyze, enhance, and integrate.


Oak-Tree works with the most innovative data technologies to build custom solutions for your needs.


Modern data systems are powered by cluster computing provided by virtualization, containers, and the cloud.


Databases, NoSQL storages, search engines, distributed storage, and computational engines work together to power data workloads and provide interfaces.


Through business intelligence tools, analytic environments, and custom software we can access data to provide insight and take action.


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