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Oak-Tree advances the state of the art by solving problems with technology, data, and artificial intelligence. We create bespoke software solutions to foster digital transformation and work with our partners from concept to delivery.

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Why Choose Oak-Tree?

Business Expertise, Domain Knowledge, and Experience

Oak-Tree operates at the intersection of technology, domain knowledge, and rigorous methodology. We craft data solutions that will work in the lab and field and we tailor them to your business and targets.

Releases In Weeks, Not Years

We use a rapid development process to help you prototype, assess your technology options, create a production trial, and deploy to the field in weeks or months rather than years. We follow agile software development methodologies to enable rapid delivery, adaptive planning, and a flexible response to change; and will work with your business experts to ensure that the final solution meets your needs.

We Understand Data Infrastructure

Need Kubernetes, streaming data platforms, cloud or on-prem? No problem. From Big Data to tiny data, SQL to NoSQL, search to storage, from cache to archive, Oak-Tree can help unify your architecture. Whether you are interested in a Big Data processing, high-availability multi-master SQL, a giant Cassandra instance, or a corporate data lake; we can help you design, deploy, and manage it on-premise or in the cloud.

We Build Your Capabilities

The software we create for people is completely custom, providing you with competitive advantage and allowing you to capture data that is unique to you. From there we can help develop advanced capabilities such as analytics, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence.

Oak-Tree can help you make investments in software, data infrastructure, aggregation/labeling, and data engineering that will unlock advanced capabilities and transform your organization. We can help you to plan and deploy systems; master data science, analytics, and machine learning; become comfortable with the systems that enable Big Data such as databases, NoSQL, search platforms, and streaming; and help your developers express complex ideas in code.

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Projects and Work

Sonador: Cloud Based Medical Imaging

Sonador is an open source cloud platform for AI powered applications which use medical imaging data. It includes SDKs for storing, visualizing, and quantifying data to create real-time, secure, and scalable solutions to address clinical challenges.

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Acorn is a web platform built for data. It allows you to use your data to create content and experiences faster than ever before.

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Harness Information to Create Knowledge and Generate Actionable Intelligence

Oak-Tree exists to help individuals and organizations find meaning in their data. We build software and services that empower fast decision making and consequential intelligence.


Data powers your organization. Analytics helps you to look at it with new eyes to see opportunities.

Big Data

New technology like always connected phones, cheap sensors, and 5G networks provide the ability to collect enormous amounts of data. Let us show you how to analyze it.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can make recommendations, enrich data with new features, take action on events, and do many other things. Let us show you how to put AI to work for your business.

Oak-Tree builds technology that connects people to their data and empowers insight.

E-Commerce and Web

Acorn is the web platform for data. It allows you to turn your ideas into content and experiences faster than ever before.

Health and Medical

Integrated platforms and machine learning driven solutions allow patients to become active participants in their well-being, improve collaboration amongst physicians, and allow more effective research.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Integrating sensors, control systems, and machine learning allows for improved uptime, integrated data streams for new types of manufacturing, and streamlined operations.