Advancing the State of the Art.

Solving problems with technology, data, and artificial intelligence.

Oak-Tree builds technology that connects people to their data and empowers insight.

E-Commerce and Web

Acorn is the web platform for data. It allows you to turn your ideas into content and experiences faster than ever before.

Health and Medical

Integrated platforms and machine learning driven solutions allow patients to become active participants in their well being, improve collaboration amongst physicians, and allow more effective research.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Integrating sensors, control systems, and machine learning allows for improved uptime, integrated data streams for new types of manufacturing, and streamlined operations.

Harness Information to Create Knowledge and Generate Actionable Intelligence.

With the right data and technology, it is possible to ask important questions. Hard questions. The type of questions whose answers are capable of changing the world.

Oak-Tree exists to help individuals and organizations find meaning in their data. We build software and services that empower fast decision making and consequential intelligence.


Data powers your organization. Analytics helps you to look at it with new eyes to see opportunities.

Big Data.

New technology like always connected phones, cheap sensors, and 5G networks provide the ability to collect enormous amounts of data. Let us show you how to analyze it.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence can help you surface insights and trends. Artificial intelligence can make recommendations, enrich data with new features, take action on events, and do many other things. Let us show you how to put AI to work for your business.


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