Lab Console: Remote Software Development Labs

Software development and technology training in the cloud.

The Cloud for Collaborative Development and Training

Creating and maintaining predictable environments is a major challenge.

Simple, capable, and connected.

Building sophisticated software requires access to complex environments, but in ways which makes them manageable. This is what we've created in Lab Console.

Self-service, on-demand resources that allow you to create a software defined datacenter and networks with environments on demand. Lab Console lets you exactly model the operations in your real data center with the benefits of the cloud.


Lab Console lets you build templates and blue-prints that automate the deployment of complex environments in a predictable fashion.

Simple but capable.

With Lab Console, we've worked hard to remove the needless complexity of other cloud environments. No need to configure dozens of supporting services just to get started. Deploy a room with machines and networks, and you can be developing or demonstrating your application in minutes.

In software development, creating the environment is a hugely important task.

Software development is about creating controlled environments where things work as expected. This is the rationale behind tools such as Ansible, Terraform, and other automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools. Development should reflect production. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't.

Development usually happens at small scale in environments that are not representative of where the software will be used by users. Working locally is convenient and developers like it. Additionally complex applications often require large amounts of supporting infrastructure for them to run.

But such mismatches between the developers write the code and where operations run it result in complex bugs being found after to pushing to production. It makes it difficult to reproduce issues that are due to environment, or appears alongside a certain network configuration, or happens with an older version of the database. Together, these issues contribute to long development cycles and impact operation and uptime.

Lab environments, on demand.

Lab console allows for you to create and version software environments for developers or training providers. Once created enviornments can be copied or exported.

Lab Console: Rooms are groups of resources (machines, networks)
Infrastructure resources, such as virtual machines and networks are organized into groups called rooms. Once a room has been created, it is easy to create copies or variations.
Lab Console: Machines can be accessed via a web interface
Machines in Lab console can be configured into groups. It is possible for multiple people to access the machines in the same group simultaneously to work collaboratively

Securely available, anywhere.

Lab Console can provide access to dozens (or hundreds) of machines through a simple web interface. This allows for sales teams to give interactive remote demonstrations, developers to work together collaboratively on the same systems, and training providers to remotely deliver courses covering complex infrastructure.


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